Please only sign up if you're certain you wish to enroll. If you're hesitant, we advise not signing up. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. We display all of our capture pages to allow potential members to view the system BEFORE they enroll. Hence, you agree to the 14-day money-back guarantee upon enrollment. In the unlikely event you are charged after receiving a cancellation confirmation, TDOMG/LSS will be accountable for no more than 3 months in over-charges, as members should notify within a reasonable period.


We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy towards spam from any sites we host. Spam includes, but isn't limited to, emailing individuals who haven't opted into your list, adding people without their consent, or re-adding those who've opted out. Breaches can lead to account suspension or termination without a refund.

Hold Harmless

You agree to absolve, TDOMG/LSS, their staff, and affiliates from any responsibility relating to your use or inability to use our services. We aren't liable for any losses you might face, whether due to factors within or outside our control. While our system is highly dependable, we cannot be held accountable for any business losses, paid advertising costs, or other expenses.


Using malicious software (trojans, adware, etc.) to promote your site or capture page is strictly prohibited. Infringements can lead to account suspension or cancellation without any refund.

Refusal of Service

We hold the right to deny service to any individual.

Content Restrictions

Profanity, derogatory language, or sexually suggestive content in usernames, email addresses, or domains is not permitted. Any account found violating these norms, or directing to such sites, will be terminated without a refund.

3 Business Days Notice to Cancel

If you wish to cancel your monthly subscription, you need to provide a 3 business days' notice. Failure in doing so will tag your account as "Canceling in Poor Standing," necessitating a new signup and a $10 setup fee should you wish to return. We also retain the right to refuse service to such accounts.

Capture Page Designs

The capture page designs we furnish are for your use, but you can't duplicate them onto another platform or use them outside the software we provided. Reusing any design elements or scripts in any form is not permitted.

Canceling in Poor Standing

Accounts terminated in poor standing, and all related content, including leads, bespoke auto-responder content, and custom page data, become the exclusive property of Avoid this designation by adhering to our terms, especially the 3 business days' notice for cancellations.

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