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Attraction Marketing Sales Funnel
Email Marketing Auto Responder System
Maximum Contacts 100 10,000
Pre-written Emails For Biz Op & Retail
Traffic & Advertising Resources
Team Diamond Marketing Materials
Basic Traffic Generation Training
Free Traffic Generation Training
Social Media Marketing Training
Video Marketing Training
Solo Ad & Pay Per Click Traffic Training
Attraction Marketing & Branding Training
Daily Action Plan Training & Checklist
90 Day Blitz Training
Ad Copy & Ad Marketing Training


Any business partner in IXQTV that is part of Team Diamond. Check with your sponsor or upline if you are part of Team Diamond.

We cannot guarantee your results as we are unable to predict a member's efforts, desire, motivation, or ability to follow our suggestions. Your results will depend on the action you take within your business.

However, we have a team of leaders to set you up for success! We have the tools, training, resources and support to help you become successful!!

The Team Diamond Automated Marketing System is only available to IXQTV business partners that IS PART OF TEAM DIAMOND and is exclusively designed for Team Diamond.
No, Team Diamond Automated Marketing System is not owned by IXQTV. It is owned by an independent marketing company called NMSSINC.COM - Net Marketing Success System. Presentation videos however have been approved by IXQTV and complies with their rules and regulations regarding how the business opportunity and products are presented.

Yes, there are numerous training videos and information on how to effectively use this system to build your IXQTV business. There are also resources of FREE advertising sources available in the members area.  There are also premium website traffic providers that business partners can pay for at their discretion.

No, to keep the cost down and eliminate cross recruiting of other members into an additional business opportunity (which is against IXQTV business partnership rules) Team Diamond and NMSS decided against turning this system into an affiliate program. With such minimal cost and how effective this system is in helping you build your IXQTV Business, this should maximize the profit in your business without the minimal commissions you would've made if it were an affiliate program.

You can start registering for Team Diamond Automated Marketing System After November 20, 2018. You can click right HERE There is a 7 Day FREE Trial available upon signing up.
We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us immediately at nmsscustomerservice@gmail.com


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